Sermon Series Archive

04/18/2009 to 05/17/2009

You don't have to live in a soap opera to know drama. No one wants life to imitate fiction, because we have enough "excitement." Life crises take center stage in a day in the life of the Leaver family. Join us at St. Matthew as we discover God's plan for our drama-filled days. Join us for "Soaps!"

02/28/2009 to 04/12/2009

Are you checking out Christianity for the first time…or for the first time in a long time? Has your spiritual life gotten a little old and stale? Our worship on Sundays between here and Easter will get us “Back to Basics.” We will consider the fundamental truths that God can use to kindle or rekindle a meaningful relationship with Him.

01/31/2009 to 02/22/2009

Just Walk Across the Room is a Four-Week Church Experience that will refresh your appreciation for the Holy Spirit’s mysterious ways, rekindle your passion for people,and revive your belief that the single greatest gift you can give to your friends and family members is an introduction to the God who created them, loves them, and has a purpose for their lives.

12/31/2008 to 01/25/2009

Remember a time when life was humming along just fine one minute and then was derailed in a matter of seconds. Around here we call them Life's Curveballs. They're thrown when we least expect them and often times we don't know how to deal with them.
Coming up in January here at St. Matthew we're going to talk about these Curveballs. We're going to look to see what the Bible has to say about handling unexpected surprises and look to Jesus for some direction when life gets hard.
We hope you'll come join us for a series we're calling: Curveball: When life throws the unexpected. It's a topic that we'll all have to deal with let's journey through it together.

11/29/2008 to 12/30/2008

Are you ready? Ready for all the joy, excitement, and overall craziness that the holidays bring? Or are you feeling a little less than joy-filled in these challenging times? Good news! The God of "back then" that took care of Mary and Joseph is the same God that meets US in our greatest times of need. Follow along as we discover and celebrate "The God behind Christmas."

11/08/2008 to 11/25/2008

Church is not buildings and programs. It is not services and pastors. It is not budgets and demographics. It is about people engaged in living out mission, people who are unreservedly generous, people who walk the talk, and people who are genuine in their worship. Church is real stories of others living out their faith in real meaningful ways. This is church.

10/04/2008 to 11/02/2008

They can make just about anything out of plastic these days, including substitutes of real, living, and natural things. But make no mistake, plastic objects may look real, but they're not real. In this series we'll wrestle with our plasticity as people and find out more about what it means to live the real life, following the realest human, Jesus.

09/06/2008 to 09/28/2008

Even though there has been talk of the world becoming smaller in recent days, the world is a HUGE place. By looking around, you'll also notice that it doesn't seem to be working right. There are disasters, pandemics, and wars. People exploit other people. Violence is everywhere. Hatred and bigotry are inescapable. By all signs, this great big world is irreparably broken. But through this series, we'll talk about the Great Big God who stands over it all. The one who is bigger than our brokenness. The God who made the world and hasn't forsaken it, He's a God who has a plan and the power to heal the world.

07/05/2008 to 08/30/2008

Many people know the Lord's Prayer, but what is it really all about? What power really lies in prayer? Join us each week over the summer as we spend time praying for God to strengthen and grow our prayer lives as we dive into the Lord's Prayer.

06/28/2008 to 06/29/2008

At the conclusion of our "Experiment Week" summer festival, Pastor Paul Moldenhauer reminds us of God's awesome power to save all who believe! It doesn't matter who we are in the world's eyes. We are all loved in God's eyes.

06/21/2008 to 06/22/2008

In this standalone message from the minister of our Wixom campus, Jason Scheler shares with us a few parting words, encouraging us to be faithful to the calling which God has placed upon our lives. Listen in as Jason shares his heart for St. Matthew, and his heart for his Lord.

06/07/2008 to 06/08/2008

Summertime is just about here and there's one thing that fills our summers--parties! Graduation parties, birthday parties, pool parties, beach parties. PARTIES!
In this standalone message by Pastor Paul Moldenhauer, we learn about the partying habits of Jesus. Scandalous? Some thought so, but Jesus had a purpose for partying with the "worst of sinners". Listen in and party on.

05/31/2008 to 06/01/2008

Go ahead and sing it (you know you want to). Before you pack away those lunchboxes and backpacks, why not spend some time with Psalm 119, and learn about God's great plan for education? School's back in session.

05/17/2008 to 05/24/2008

Energy crisis? Not with God! God makes His power available to us through the Holy Spirit. He's got all the power you need. During this short, two-week series, we'll explore God's awesome, life-changing power that was poured out to Christ's followers on Pentecost.
Charge up, listen in, and get ready for God's never-failing Power!

05/10/2008 to 05/11/2008

Families pass on many things from generation to generation--pictures, jewelry, recipes, and books to name a few. But is any of that REALLY important?
Pastor Dion Garret shares with us a treasure far too great to hold on to! Let's ask ourselves,
"what is really worth passing on to the next generation?"

04/26/2008 to 05/03/2008

In this short series, we’ll talk about our “stuff”, our obsession with it, and how Jesus changes our view of it.

03/29/2008 to 04/20/2008

They’re large, they’re noisy, they don’t smell the greatest either and yet we pretend they’re not there. But for this series, we're attempting to change that. We will be exposing some of the elephants that have been in our church(es), but have been seldom talked about. In short, we're going to try to talk about all the issues that YOU want the church to talk about.

01/28/2008 to 03/22/2008

In many bibles, interspersed among the black-inked letters and words, are words written in red. They are special words, not only do they break up the visual monotony of a black page, but they are words from Jesus’ himself--his own mouth. It is these "words in red" that will be our focus throughout the entire season of Lent, as we experience reality through Jesus' eyes and his words.
Get Words in Red daily devotions online.

12/30/2007 to 01/26/2008

How close are your relationships with the people who are "regulars" in your life? Really, think about it for a second... are they as close as you think? Here's a simple test, how many people have given you "refrigerator rights"?
Don't know what that means? It's okay, we'll explain it.
In this series, we'll give you some eye-opening truths about the true state of our relationships and then we'll examine how God intends, and can enable us, to build stronger relationships both inside our church walls and outside.
Go here to see the "Refrigerator Rights" promo video.

11/24/2007 to 12/23/2007

Jesus refers to himself as “the Light of the World” which was a powerful assertion living in a time when the menace of darkness was a daily reality. But now in the age of electric light where darkness has been minimized, what does Jesus’ claim mean for us?
In this series we’ll explore the ongoing reality of darkness, even in our electric age, and the power of Jesus to shine brighter than any light we’ve ever seen!